Privacy by design is truly possible

We are on a mission to help game and app developers succeed in a new Privacy conscious world

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The global average cost of a data breach 4.24 million U.S. dollars.

Data protection is the most important characteristic of user trust in apps (32% of users)0%

Most common barrier for growth of marketing - concerns about privacy (35% of marketing professionals)0%

Share of online users who are more concerned about their online privacy compared to a year ago (53% YoY growth)0%

Why us?

Laite.AI offers a possibility of making real-time on device predictions and produce the right content at the right time in a Privacy conscious way.

What we do?

Our solution is based on the cutting edge AI innovation – Federated Learning. It creates hyper-personalised experiences without extra cost.

What is our benefit?

Unlike many other players on the market we offer more than just the toolbox necessary to implement Federated Learning, we offer a turnkey solution.

98% App and Game developers are small and medium companies

The Enterprise 2% are already investing into Privacy solutions, 98% can’t afford to.

Laite.AI target audience is small and medium companies that create apps in Education, Health and Fitness, Entertainment and Social spaces, as well as Games companies.

World population

128 out of 194 countries will have their citizen personal data covered under a regional or global privacy regulation by 2023. The burden will fall on the companies to follow the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

Federated Learning is becoming a go to choice for Enterprise companies in the current Privacy landscape

These particular companies have already made investments in the field.

Federated Learning functions on the approach of bringing the code to the data, instead of the data to the code. That way any of the machine learning is run on the end user’s devices and only weights are aggregated centrally.